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finding a way

been searching to find my way again.... been lost for awhile now and not sure weather i should try to climb yet another mountain or just run down into the chasm and see where i land....

so many changes ....can't hardly keep up....but finally found a steady foothold and am transgressing the terrain alone and feeling stronger each day.  Sure the storms still wash over me but afterwards i feel cleaner, freer and more clear.  I am gonna like desending the mountain instead of hiking up to the peak....the path will be slower and the scenery just as breathtaking if not more cause now it can be enjoyed.

The above is just a random thought i had during a meditation....i usually walk up in them but in this one i decided to walk down this little foot path and it led to a crystal clear river that was cold and refreshing and just as breathtaking as the mountain it is with my life....everything i thought i wanted has i am taking a new path with hubby and am excited about life again..making plans and saying "when" no longer "if"....

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finding a way, posted December 27th, 2012, 1 comment

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